We’re a family deal here at Bearded Brothers! Created, ran, delivered- it’s all family!

before the beards
Before the beards…

Brother #1, Larkin- a long haired, hippy looking, California kid with a pretty rockin’ beard and the dream to have amazing dreadlocks and become a true craftsman. He’s still dread-less, but the craftsman part is coming along. He’s a do it all type that can jump in and learn just about anything. Including being AMAZING at wedding coordinating which he has been graciously helping the sister along for the past few years. His attention to detail is pretty well in the OCD level now, but lucky for you- no detail goes unnoticed with this cat! He’s also the company’s crash test dummy by way of physically standing/jumping on each piece of furniture he builds to ensure it’s strength is well over the limit that said piece of furniture should ever endure in a normal wear and tear setting. (Unless you plan to do some really weird stuff to your end tables…)

Brother #2, Alan- a less long haired, hippy looking type, but still a native Californian (although he seems much more comfortable in the South East) and a beard that we’re hoping he’ll take the Jack Sparrow approach and add some beaded detailing to. He’s spent years in the mainstream retail furniture business and is the go to for common gripes with the “national leaders” in furniture. Headboards that break, furniture that scratches, tables that cost a fortune and aren’t worth their weight- basically all the things we want to ensure our products are never ever like. He’s also great with applying the wood finishes and safely getting all our furniture from our shop to your home!

The Sister, Heidi- the entrepreneur, computer wiz, website designing, multi-business running Super Woman crazed maniac. Married to her high school sweetie, homeschooling mom of 3, she works in running her wedding design company, some future blog & podcast projects, and uses her design background to work with our clients to create the perfect furniture plans. Anything of Bearded Brothers that’s on the computer & interwebs- marketing, social media, sales, design- that’s all The Sister! Beardless (thank you Jesus), but still an integral part to the family hustle.

The Brother-in-law, Brandon- He’s our Guru Doug, Guru Brandon if you will. Coming to a podcast near you (stay tuned), he’s completely beardless but still of grand inspirational leadership to our family unit, with hippie ways woven underneath his clean hair cut and metro-sexual groomed appearance.

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